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NGV Business Introduction
What is NGV?

NGV is an initial of Natural Gas Vehicle which run on Natural gas and/or mixture fuel with Natural gas. Natural gas is a Clean and Safe and Economic and the most stable Energy among any kinds of other fossil fuel and with its low emission it is being considered the most optimum alternative fuel to prevent the global warming.

Type of Natural Gas Vehicles Natural Gas is categorized into CNG LNG depending on the physical state of the fuel that CNG is Compressed in the vapor state and reserved in high pressure(200~250bar) tanks. On the other hand, LNG is liquefied at -162℃ and reserved in ultra-low temperature tanks. It is also categorized differently depending on its mixture with other fuels such as Diesel or Gasoline.

We are providing High technology Engineering Service and NGV Conversion(retrofit) kit set mainly on CNG Mono-fuel system with an excellent level of performance not only in engine noise and vibration but also in power and torque.

Mono Fuel System
Also well know as CNG dedicated system, it is designed to run only using Natural Gas. We technical lead in Mono-Fuel system by control Electronic Throttle with Injection system for Turbo Engine. Injection System Mixer System(N/A)
Dual Fuel System
Dual Fuel system has two independent fuel and can run on both fuels(Natural Gas and Diesel) simultaneously. It also run solely on diesel should gas fuel be unavailable. Natural Gas is a main fuel and use diesel fuel for ignition assistance. Through many factors affect actual diesel substitution rates that can be attained, rates of 50 to 70 percent on an energy.
Bi Fuel System
Bi-fuel system has two independent fuel systems(Natural Gas and Gasoline) and can run alternatively on either fuel gut only on one at a time. This system is designed to allow an engine to switch between a primary and second alternative fuel during operation.