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Now, We, Kossen will step to the more bigger future than before.

Our past business way during 4 decades which was started as a name of DS SNT is STS industry's history itself. Among several challenge and crisis, we have changed them into a chance for evolution through trust to the customer, unity between executives and staffs and best product quality and service.

Now, we will prepare more bigger future based on the past 40 years' results than the past. Even in the keen market competition and unclear world wide economy, we have already got ready to become a competitive global company.

We, KOSSEN will reborn as a leading company on stainless steel pipe and renewable energy business such as solar power and NGV. Already, several our solar plant projects are on going in domestic and abroad. Also, NGV bus conversion business in Turkey as of 2013 will be important part of our new era.

The name, KOSSEN means Korea Stainless Steel and Energy. It contains our vision that we should forward way to the future. We hope continues supporting of customers and stockholders. Thanks.