Technical Introduction

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New Renewable Energy Technical Introduction
Solar energy generation system
  1. Solar Light
  2. Solar Cell
  3. Solar Module
  4. Electricity Storage Facility
  5. Inverter(DC+AC)
  6. Solar Energy Generation System
  7. Electricity Grid And Need Market
Principle :
A photoelectron effect which creates electricity on the module’s surface by the module’s solar light absorption.
Composition :
the cell which is the minimum unit, the module which is composing of ingot and weiper, array which is module assembly, inverter which generated DC converting to AC, Structure which is support the module.
Process :
sun light incidents on the module → solar light energy converts into DC on the module → accumulated the electricity from the module to connection board → accumulated DC converts into AC on the inverter → electricity is supplied to the customer through distribution and KEPCO power grid.
Advantage :
clean and unlimited energy resource, easy maintenance, long life period over 2 decades.
Wind energy generation system
  1. Windmill
  2. Driveline System
  3. Generator
    • Electricity Line(Grid Connected Type)
    • Storage Battery
  4. Customer
Principle :
induced electricity which is created by wind power conversing as turning power supplies to the grid.
Composition :
It composes of momentum conversing system, driving system and control system
Process :
liftoff power and turning power are created by air flow → created turning power is transported to the generator, generator creates electricity by mechanical turning power → electricity is supplied to the grid by connection and its control systems.
Advantage :
clean energy source, maintain cost is low, construction and installation period is short.