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New Renewable Energy Introduction
Significance of renewable energy

The fossil fuel has been widely used in the whole world. It is main factor which can be greenhouse effect and destruction on the ozone layer. Global warming caused by the fossil fuel is recognized as an international problems. The new energy resource development for replacing of old one must be archived.

Renewable energy is the best and the strongest replacing alternative of limited fossil fuel.

Variety of energy resources and renewable energy
  • Fossil fuel : coal, gasoline, natural gas, liquefied fuel
  • New energy : fuel cell, coal liquefied, hydrogen energy
  • Renewable energy : solar, heat, bio, wind, water, ocean, waste, geothermal heat

Such as all above is regarded as ‘renewable energy’

Introduction of solar energy generation business

This business can archive good profit creation and reducing on the environment pollution at the same time through to install the system which concentrates eternal solar power and to be supplied concentrated solar light energy to local electric power grid. It is most popular renewable energy business in several energy resources.

Introduction of wind energy generation business

This business purpose is electricity which is created from natural wind energy to mechanical turning energy by using wind power system is supplied to customers. Its power generation amount is up to wind power.And it has low creation unit cost and also it is clean energy without wastes.